The Institute for Career & Technical Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to developing partnerships between educators and industry.

We support programs that build career and college pathways for students at every grade level:

Advisory Council for Career & Techical Education,
New York Department of Education

A volunteer group of employers, executives, labor unions and community organizations appointed by the Schools Chancellor to advise on curriculum, facilities,teacher training and certification, workforce development and employment trends.

Graphics Industry Advisory Commission

Graphic arts, design, publishing, video, printing and multimedia professionals who work with graphic communications, teachers, principals and students in New York City public schools.

 Annual Citywide Graphic Arts Competition

Every Spring, graphics students from all over New York City come together at a college in Brooklyn to test their skills in seven competition catgories: Desktop Publishing & Design, Web Development, Digital Photography, Digital Video Production, Student Filmmaking, Powerpoint Presentation and Package Design.

Graphic Communications Scholarship, Award
and Career Advancement Foundation

Industry leaders providing financial support to New York City metro area students pursuing careers in graphic communications.

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Jack Powers,
Institute for Career & Technical Education
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