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We all want our children to succeed in life. Though the future may seem far away, the choices they make and the insights they gain now about the work they may do one day can be important to their success in adult life.

These decisions can affect their financial independence, personal satisfaction, community involvement and even the friendships they make  later on in life.This is especially true in today’s challenging economy.

As your child gets ready to apply for middle or high school, we invite you to learn about Career and Technical Education (CTE) opportunities available in New York City public schools. Your child can begin learning job skills during middle and high school – in addition to meeting high academic standards and preparing for college.

You may feel that your child is too young now to choose a life-long career path.  We recognize that young people may change direction after high school.  But think of how much can be gained by having a proven history of workforce-level accomplishments for college and job applications, resumes, and interviews!

Our schools offer an ever-growing selection of CTE programs in many different areas of interest, developed in response to future employment opportunities and the potential for career growth in New York City.

CTE is important not only to your student’s future but also to the future of our entire city. Political and business leaders understand that we all depend on a well-prepared work force to ensure our prosperity. Our schools and employers need to be partners in preparing our young people to become part of the work force.

The CTE Advisory Council brings public school and post-secondary school leaders together with leaders of businesses, employers, unions and public sector agencies to create partnerships that will benefit both our children and our communities. Whether your student plans to go to college after high school or hopes to enter the work force soon after graduation, we invite you to begin your exploration of the world of CTE by checking out these links.

What is Career and Technical Education?

Clara Hemphill from explains Career and Technical Education as one of the options in choosing a high school in New York City:

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Despite the worst job market in decades, Senniti had three job offers right out of high school. By Elaine Quijano, CBS News

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By NEWSEDITOR, Harvard Graduate School of Education



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Summary listing of CTE Programs of Study operating in New York City and status of programs as of July 2010. Currently, over 100 schools offer more than 325 CTE program pathways. Thirty designated CTE schools enroll approximately 30,000 of these students; the remainder attend comprehensive high schools around the city.

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College and Career Readiness and the Common Core Curriculum