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Brooklyn Students Work Internships Underwater

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This week, a New York Times article by Lisa W. Foderaro described New York’s wettest internships served in the coral exhibit at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island. Students from the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School on Governor’s Island don scuba gear and provide essential underwater maintenance work inside the 167,000 gallon Glover’s Reef tank. The tropical environment is a good substitute for students’ open water diving when the weather turns cold. Read the article:

Equipped to Dive, Students Make Aquarium Their Classroom

Bayside Interns Conduct Energy Conservation Audits of NYC Schools

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IBSenviroStudents from Bayside High School got invaluable experience in engineering and energy efficiency through internships with the New York City Department of Education Division of School Facilities and its non-profit partner, Solar One. Funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, Solar One arranged for engineers from the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to mentor and supervise the students through an analysis of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) at two NYCDOE buildings in Queens,  the Susan B. Anthony School and the Edward Hart School.

During their internships, students were taught how to read technical drawings, level II Energy Audit Reports and NYPA Project Reports. After learning the ropes, the interns performed an energy audit of their own high school and analyzed the energy savings opportunities for all of the school;s mechanical and electrical systems. Students submitted their report to the school’s administration and presented their findings at NYPA’s headquarters.

Gompers Students Build a Model Solar House From Scratch

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Teacher Phil Gazard and scenes from the Gompers CTE High School model house. (Photo: DNAinfo/Patrick Wall)

Students at the Samuel Gompers CTE High School in the South Bronx build a 200-square-foot model house every year as part of their construction trades curriculum. Teacher Phil Gazard provides some of the raw materials himself, and the school administration and industry partner Marjam Supply help out. An article in DNAinfo by Patrick Wall tells the story:

Gazard teaches electro-mechanical installation and repair to juniors and seniors during the day; three evenings a week, he offers a similar course through the school’s adult education program. Most of his high school students have learning or other disabilities…

Gazard, who has worked as a plumber, pipefitter, electrician and machine repairman, has also taught at a school run by the electrical workers union since 1988, and has wielded that connection to land his students — and a few of their parents — union jobs.

A list stapled to a bulletin board in the back of the room names over 100 former students who now do high-paying union work. Next to the list hangs a photocopied note from one of Gazard’s old charges who thanked his former teacher for the “great foundation” he laid.

Read the whole story and see the slide show at

Teachers Workshop on Education for Sustainability

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A dynamic session for teachers on November 2 will address how economic, environmental, and social well-being are linked, and how to apply this knowledge to better our lives and school communities. Participants will examine their existing curriculum ... Read more