Advisory Council for Career & Technical Education for New York City

Career & Technical Education in New York City

In addition to traditional academic high school programs, New York City offers Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs that focus on specific industries that drive the New York economy. CTE programs are specially certified by the New York State Education Department and feature four important elements:

  • Specially licensed CTE teachers
    with experience in the industry they teach
  • Curriculum and facilities reviewed by working
    professionals and post-secondary educators
  • Work-based learning opportunities
    like internships, plant tours and competitions
  • Pathways beyond high school
    to colleges, apprenticeships and careers

A CTE program is not just a shop class or a one-term elective, it’s a multi-year program of study that results in a Technical Endorsement recognized by industry and post secondary educational institutions . A CTE graduate receives a regular NY State Regents diploma plus a Technical Endorsement signifying industry-related skills. CTE graduates go on to four-year and two-year colleges, technical schools, apprenticeships and job-related training programs.

Nationwide, research studies show that participation in CTE minimizes the risk of students dropping out of high school, and students attending CTE high schools have higher rates of on-time graduation and a greater likelihood of successfully completing a college prep sequence. In New York City, a 2014 report from the Community Service Society found that students who attend the City’s CTE schools “are more likely to graduate compared to students who attend non-CTE schools, despite the fact that students who attend CTE schools have, on average, characteristics that are associated with a lower likelihood of graduating.” Further, “black and Latino males, and students with slightly below average 8th grade test scores, show the greatest graduation gains in CTE schools.”


To keep up with the changing economy of New York City, CTE programs are always being updated and added in  a wide range of disciplines divided into fifteen broad categories:

New York’s 318 career and Technical education programs live in academic high schools as well as dedicated CTE high school. Of the 51 all-CTE schools, 32 have been added since 2003. These new CTE programs have been designed as small schools with a career theme and have been co-located on campuses around the five boroughs. The new schools align to labor market trends, preparing students for careers in growth fields like information technology, culinary arts, green careers, advertising and media.

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