Advisory Council for Career & Technical Education for New York City

Career Exploration Brochures



The New York City Labor Market Information Service housed at the City University of New York joined the research firm Grant Associates to create eight career pathway brochures to explore opportunities in some of New York’s top industries.

The brochure series titled Mapping Your Future displays up-to-date labor market data, job descriptions, typical salaries and the levels of schooling needed for each career path. Readers are invited to ask themselves: “What different kinds of jobs are there? How could one job lead to the next? Which ones will I like? How much money can I earn, and how long will it take me to get there?

Mapping Your Future brochures are in PDF format in three-page blocks, front and back. (We’re refitting them to standard page sequences in January.)

All About Money: Financial and Accounting Services

Building and Maintaining Green Buildings

Community and Social Services

Culinary and Food Services 

Health Care: Beyond Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Information Technology

Media and Advertising 

Travel and Transportation