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Art & Design HS Sophomores Win $17,000 for Their Student Films

Last Friday at  ABC Studios, newscaster Sade Baderinwa awarded students from the High School of Art & Design the First Prize  ($12,000) and the Third Prize ($5,000) in the 2014 ABC/Disney Get Reel With Your Dreams competition. Both pulic service announcements (PSAs) were entirely written, filmed and edited by sophomore film students who have been studying film for less than a year.

The First Prize went to “Don’t judge a book by its color” by Tim Chachibaia, Jialun (Allen) Jiang, Jasmin Hall, Ashley Debbagh and Caleb Giles. Third Prize was awarded to “PSA against human trafficking” by Priscilla Suarez. Congratulations to our talented young filmmakers and to their teacher, Mr. Hanan Harchol.

Watch Sade Baderinwa’s video report on the event: