Advisory Council for Career & Technical Education for New York City

Updates on Election Day PDs: CTE+SWD, Graphics and Transit Power Expo

SEE SELECT UPDATES: November 5, 2013 (Election Day) teacher training


Council and Commission Members, industry partners,  the NYC DOE and the UFT are developing CTE Professional Development events around the city slated for Election Day, November 5, 2013. Check in with and subscribe via email for details and updates.

Events in the works:

Automotive Teachers Conference

CTE+SWD: Spanning the Divide

KEYNOTE: Dr. Connie Spohn, Lead Specialist of the CTE Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in Albany, will keynote the event. PLUS: Conference attendees will receive copies of Paul Tough’s provocative and profoundly hopeful new book How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character. [Read more]

Employability Skills Profiles

This event is SOLD OUT. Future inquiries can be sent to

2013 Graphics Teachers Technology Conference

This event is SOLD OUT. Attendees may link their iPads and iPhones to the conference courseware on site at the Apple Store. To get Graphics updates, email JPowers@IN3.ORG.

SIFMA Financial Literacy Workshop

Transit Tech Power Expo

Organizers are giving out  Ohms Law posters and ETA Certification Information.