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Queens Vocational Electricians Lend a Helping Hand at Breezy


qvElectrc2Students from Queens Vocational and Technical High School  spent a weekend in December completing electrical repairs in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens. The students are juniors and seniors in the school’s electrical installation career and technical education program. They were accompanied by their teacher, Mr. Calvert Bowen. The aspiring electricians, who must complete sixty hours of field experience to earn their certification, were partnered with an electrician who currently has a FEMA contract. The homes remain disconnected from the power grid while repairs are being made.

Students replaced wires, installed outlets, and repaired switches – all had been damaged by the fast-rising salt water flood caused by Hurricane Sandy. Personal protective suits were mandatory due to the high levels of mold and damaged insulation fibers in the homes.

Principal Melissa Burg is very proud that the school could give back to the residents of Queens in this way. “By having our students help to rebuild these neighborhoods, we have an immediate impact on people’s lives; both the residents and our students.”